We're Glad You're Here

We're glad you discovered Shop Old Spanish Trail Studio, home of Lindy Cook Severns Fine Art, high in the Davis Mountains on a remote Far West Texas ranch.

Lindy Severns landscape paintings share wild places: Big Bend National Park, the Davis Mountains, the Far West Texas borderlands. Travel through Lindy's Art to Fort Davis, Marathon, Alpine, Van Horn, Marfa and beyond. Vicariously visit Texas Hill Country, the Rockies and the American West. Enjoy Lindy's wildlife drawings. Whether it's last frontiers or unpolluted skies, the Big Bend Artist paints what she lives.

This Old Spanish Trail Studio Store is brimming with Texas hospitality. It's is safer to navigate than the high desert. Plus, shopping for fine art online is easier on the feet than hiking the places the contemporary Texas landscape artist paints. We offer high quality, affordable fine art reproductions of Lindy C Severns Art in several formats, straight from the artist to you.

New paintings and wall art not listed here can usually be reproduced on request. Customizing the world is what an artist does, so feel free to ask. We West Texans aren't art snobs. We won't think you're pushy or uncultured if you email us questions. Use the convenient Contact Us form to start a conversation.

Quality speaks in everything we sell. Everything with Lindy's signature on it, whether original paintings or fine art reproductions is terribly nice.  Nervous about buying art online? Don't be. We care. We consider integrity and client service as essential to life as fine art hanging on your walls. If there's a problem, we'll make it right.

Lindy significantly reduces image quality for placement online. While these low res images look dandy on your screen, when you receive your order, you'll be in for a treat: Your high resolution, custom printed giclee will blow your boots off. 

BIG BEND ARTIST TIP: SHOP BY CLICKING A SPECIFIC SIZE or CATEGORY (such as "Bookmarks" or "11" x14 Hand-Repainted Prints" ) so you don't have to scroll through duplicate images of the same painting. We generally list the largest size fine art print available.


Lindy Cook Severns Art

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