The Team Behind The Old Spanish Trail Studio Store, est. 2006

We hope you're here because you've already been blown away by Lindy's Art.  Perhaps you wandered around cyberspace and happened upon this fine art oasis. Regardless of how you found us, we want to feel welcome in our world.

So... Hello!  We're Jim and Lindy Severns. Pleased to greet you!

First, forget the Artist Mystique. One of us (not the artsy one, who is quite normal) may be a bit odd, but we're Real People. 

This is a Ma and Pa enterprise conducted, in part, from our RV. (FYI: We're Pa and Ma to a terrier and a parrot.) Ours is a cottage industry, minus the cottage.

We've worked together most of our long married lives. (For years, this meant teaching martial arts, plus our day jobs, piloting a corporate jet.) Being quite comfortable in our wrinkled old skins, we've each learned to assume whatever duties we excel at. This means Lindy paints, and Jim does not paint.

Jim's official title is "Jim, The Go-Fer".  He's likely boxed the cards you order, shipped your remarque, and stood guard over Lindy so nothing ate her while she painted that rugged desert landscape you've fallen in love with. (He surely fed her peanut butter while she worked on cutting your bookmarks.)

The Lindy half of our team doesn't simply paint. She photographs each piece of wall art. From those photos, she creates, then prints every card, every giclee reproduction.  (We also live with a large fine art printer, which actually takes up less space than the parrot, with his paraphernalia.)

Lindy's a bit of a perfectionist. That's good for you. By doing her own printing, the Big Bend Artist retains tight control of both color and quality.


We don't cut our own mats, but that's the only element of creating a fine art print package not done in house. And when we say, "In house",  we mean that literally. While Lindy has a physical studio, we live and travel in a large RV. It's us, the animals, two printers, stacks of fine art paper, custom-cut mats and fine art shipping boxes, all tightly folded into storage compartments intended for things normal RV-ers pack. (Things like golf clubs, fly fishing equipment... food...) 

Your art may ship from the tiny post office in Fort Davis, Texas, half an hour from Lindy's Davis Mountains studio. But not necessarily--look at the postmark to see where we were parked when you placed your fine art order!

You can read the official bio of contemporary Texas artist Lindy Cook Severns on her website (or simply type in if you can't remember how to spell the artist's name. Both addresses take you to the same lovely, art-filled place on the web.)

Read stories behind the paintings on Wanderings of Artist Lindy C Severns at

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Questions? Need something special? That's what the Contact Us form is for. Don't hesitate to use it.

Now that you know us, don't be a stranger. And don't feel you have to buy something. Browse this online store whenever you need a quick getaway to someplace without crowds, or noise, or traffic. Return to savor big, unpolluted skies and sweeping sunsets. Our country is your country through Lindy's Fine Art. Enjoy!

Lindy and Jim Severns, Big Bend National Park    2013