Lindy Severns Unique Hand Repainted Fine Art Prints

Enhanced Prints, Limited Originals, Remarques (pronounced "RE-mark" with a West Texas twang) are art-speak for high end Unique Fine Art Reproductions, prints that the artist revisits to create a new artwork. Lindy literally "re-marks" on top of a custom printed reproduction, repainting all over the print. This process of hand repainting is significantly more involved than simply adding highlights or retouching. Lindy takes the time to add new color, detail and special touches not found in the original painting. This process of hands-on repainting means each Remarque is one of its kind, a unique piece of fine art

A Lindy Severns painting is custom printed on fine art paper in archival inks upon receiving your order.
Next, Lindy will paint on top of the print until it "pops" like the original art that gave birth to it.


The time spent on a Remarque varies according to the art and the artist. While some artist remarries are simply tiny drawings added to the mat or signature, Lindy's Enhanced Reproductions are so intricately repainted, much of the printer ink is completely covered. Layers of color applied to shadowy areas add vitality to the emerging painting; lights placed on lights give clouds dimension and life.
Lindy prints each Remarque to order. It may be months, sometimes years before she reproduces that painting in that same size and format again, and when she does, it will be subtly different than any other. The number of Remarques of any given painting, even over a period of years, remains quite few. They are simply SPECIAL.

There's no formula, no assembly line. The Big Bend Artist sees each print as a new canvas. Each enhanced print turns out different than any before or after, hence the designation of "Limited Original".

 "Wild and Free" makes a delightful small remarque because of the myriad colors that hand-repainting bring out.

Lindy uses pastels for the repainting process. She seals the richly colored remarque with protective fixative. Giclees (giclees are simply high quality ink jet prints) are generally printed on a surface most similar to the original paper or canvas, thus, Lindy's prints are reproduced on heavy fine art paper.


Remarques are always signed. They are, after all, next of kin to original art. They aren't numbered because there is no "edition". Each hand-repainted print becomes a stand-alone painting. Lindy paints so heavily over an enhanced print, even her original signature is obscured, so the artist signs the finished artwork as a new painting.


Being significantly rarer and always unique, Remarques are more highly valued by collectors than are limited edition prints.

We hope, however, you purchase your enhanced print simply because it brings you joy. For that reason, we keep prices as low as we can without sacrificing quality.


Because hand-repainting is so time-intensive, 12" x 18" is the largest reproduction we can create. The printing process allows paintings to be reproduced the same size or smaller than the original, but no larger. This is why not all of Lindy's paintings are offered in the larger sizes.

Our prints are not framed, however most are formatted and matted to fit ready made frames. This standard sizing makes Lindy's remarques rather easy and affordable for you to frame yourself. Custom sizes require custom cut mats and frames, so we sell long narrow prints, square sizes and a few others without mats.

For matting Lindy's hand-repainted prints, we use archival, acid free ivory mat board. Your remarque is hinge mounted with archival tape and sandwiched between this heavy mat and an acid free foam board backing. The elegant beveled ivory mat is appropriate for any decor, but should you wish to add color, it can easily be changed out by a professional framer.

This 2" wide mat shows a bit darker than it is in real life.
When shopping for that special hand repainted print, feel free to email Lindy about any painting listed on the main website, There's no extra charge for reproducing art not listed in this online store. If we can print it for you, we will, and because ever remarque is printed to order anyway, it won't take any longer.

Domestic Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is included in the price of all Lindy Severns Remarques. All parcels are insured.


Fine art remarques by Lindy Cook Severns are custom printed, premium quality giclee reproductions repainted by the artist to make each print unique art that is both lasting and affordable. No one will believe your handsome wall art began its life as a reproduction!