• Gift Certificate for Lindy C Severns Fine Art

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    Gift Certificate for Lindy C Severns Fine Art

    A lovely, elegant hand-lettered gift certificate allows the recipient to choose their own Lindy Severns fine art print, cards or other items from the online store, or even an original painting from Lindy's website.

    The USPS 2-day Priority Mail option sends the certificate in a gift-wrapped box. We include a Big Bend Artist notecard with your own special message. (Lindy hand letters that!)

    Need to get it there faster? We'll email it to the recipient.

    Don't forget to select (1) the amount and (2) shipping method from the drop down Options, and (3) add a short message, even if it's only "From ______"  (No point in being anonymous with your gifting!)

     All three options must be selected in order to checkout.

    Please Email Lindy with questions or special requests, and if you're in a big hurry to get this to someone, tell us.