Javelina Takes a Hike, 5" x 7" enhanced print

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Javelina, Texas wildlife enhanced print

unique hand repainted fine art reproduction

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soft pastels over archival inks on fine art paper make this wall art both elegant and lasting

Acid-free ivory mat and acid-free foam board backing for easy, affordable framing

5" x 7" art image matted to outer dimensions of 8" x  10" to fit a readymade frame (art frame not included)

A clear, resealable envelope and ribbon-tied foam board case protects your artwork. This makes a handsome gift presentation!

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"Javelina Takes A Hike"

Lindy Cook Severns

"Collared peccaries" (not "hogs" as they are so often mislabeled, probably to their dismay) javelinas are cousins to deer. They browse the Far West Texas mountains outside my studio. Nearly blind, javelinas depend on hearing and smell, and despite their quaint appearance, they are both unfriendly and their tusks make them quite dangerous. Still, we love these guys!

This small drawing is not offered in other sizes.